Essential components in an electric bicycle

What is it for?

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Controller – placed on the handlebar ( for user’s easy control)Working together with a sensor mounted in the support, it governs the work of an engine, providing the right amount of energy from the battery to it, thereby adjusting itself to user’s riding style and thus creating an intelligent support system.   Additionaly, the controller allows for choosing one of the three support modes/levels (low/medium/high), depending on the needs of a given user or a specific need.


Battery (cell)

Battery – (in bicycles) Li-ion Z with 36V voltage and an adequate capacity from 8Ah and higher, placed – in most models, in the rear wheel’s hub. This is a revolutionary solution, because it’s practically impossible to see that Your bicycle is an electric bicycle!In other models batteries are placed in the frame (Trybeco Compacta collapsible electric bicycle 14”) or behind the saddle (collapsible electric bicycle TrybEco Compacta 12)



Engine – brushless engine with 250W maximum power, placed in the rear wheel’s hub of a bicycle.Engines of this type are characterized by frugal energy usage, by being maintenance-free, as well as by a low level of failure rates. The working of the support system is limited to 25 km/h (after reaching that speed the support automatically cuts-off.Both power and top speed were limited due to EU regulations, as well as Polish regulations specifying the definiton of a bicycle.


For whom an electric bike is suitable?

For everyone! 😉

  • for bicycle enthusiasts, who rode traditional bikes regularly, but want to visit new, previously unavailable places; overcome longer paths with more weight, but less effort;
  • for recreational cyclists, who didn’t rode bicycles everyday to reach work/university/school, but until now have chosen different, less ecological forms of transportation;
  • for the adventurous and for people who appreciate good fun and fresh-air activity – an electric bicycle is just a new way for having fun and a little joy
  • for Yourself, Your family and friends!for the elders, after injuries, not fully capable or with just a tiny bit of disability – as a vehicle not demanding such a physical fitness and endurance, but enabling: an active form of recreation, prolonging the time of riding without effort, reaching less available regions and thanks to the energy support – overcoming new barriers.

“Individual group transportation” is probably the best description for the objective, which we want to achieve.

Growing overload of car transportation, a high level of air pollution, rising prices of fuel, increasing the level of responisibility for the environment result in the need of using more ecological forms of public transportation. Electric energy is the so-called “clean energy”. Electric vehicles don’t pollute the air, and that’s especially important in cities where the struggle for fresh air takes place.

Our products are a perfect tool for moving as an alternative/innovative vehicles. Thanks to our vehicles we can improve the level of public mobility and allow for introducing the “smart city” projects into cities. Our products are an effective sollution and a way for implementing pro-ecological attitudes and systems in modern world.

TrybEco e-bikes

More about ecology…

Air pollution is the main cause of environmental threats.

The fumes emitted by automobiles cause much more danger to human health than pollution coming from the industry. They are responsible for bringing 99% of carbon oxide, 96% of carbon black, 76% of nitrogen oxide into the atmosphere, as well as being the main source of other dangerous compounds such as benzene, sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide.

Our vehicles help in reducing the emission of gases to the atmosphere and at the same time have a beneficial influence on the purity of our air. #TRY BE ECO!

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