We want to live cleaner, simpler and more peacefully.

The Polish brand. Beyond the templates, beyond standard, for pioneers.

We want to live cleaner, simpler and more peacefully. We are tired of noise and fumes. We value contact with nature, but we also love the city. We want to contribute to ma- king the environment healthier and greener. That is why we created TrybEco. Our electric scooters and hybrid bicycles with electric power are a perfect alternative to traditional transport.

Scooter or bicycle?

Assess your own needs. Do you want to move faster, more comfortably and be able to carry more things in a storage compartment? Or maybe you feel like burning more calories, you want to be fit and the bicycle seems to be closer to your heart? Check, which vehicle suits you better. Take a look at the advantages we see and add your own reasons, that will help you choose one or the other option.

Try Be Eco!

TrybEco philosophy does not end with electric scooters and bicycles.
It is our way of thinking and living.


We don't like dirty engine or excessive noise. We value harmonious contact with nature and a feeling of wind in your hair.


Appearance matters and is part of our human individuality. We express ourselves and like to surround ourselves with aesthetic objects.


If we can save on something or reduce energy and financial expenses, we do it. If only to be able to use these surpluses to realize our passions.


We have created TrybEco from our passions and experience. We believe in responsibility for the place we live in.

In TrybEco we guarantee:

He best value for money

Modern design and aesthetic solutions

Certificates for all equipment

Only lithium-ion batteries

Regular monitoring and quality control of our products

Selected possibilities of crediting, leasing and insurance

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