TrybEco electric scooter means:

Quiet travelling

Electric scooter does not have combustion engine, so it does not create any noise.

Cleanliness and simplicity

It is a piece of equipment, that does not break down. It does not have a starter, exhaust pipe, pistons or rings, it does not require a change of oil, belt drives, clutch, variator rollers. When travelling on an electric scooter, you always have clean hands and a clear head.


TrybEco electric scooter has low operating costs. For every 100 km you drive, it only costs 2 PLN.


Our products are for people who are interested in design, innovation, technology and ecology. In terms of quality, we do not accept compromise. Economical for us means saving money, not poor.


TrybEco electric scooters are created by selected designers. The vehicles stand out by their colours and wide range of models. They will meet the requirements of those, who like being surrounded by pretty objects.

Care about the environment

Electric scooter does not generate fumes, carbon dioxide or noise.

Building of Smart City

We all dream about cleaner air, less street noise, city without traffic jams. By using electric scooters, we move one step closer to it.

Light construction

Electric scooter is by approximately 50 percent lighter than a traditional one. Therefore it is easier to drive and park it.


How does an electric scooter work?