He abandoned internal combustion engines for green vehicles.

Electric bicycle manufacturer from Poland - TrybEco - combines innovation and ecology in its products. Its vehicles meet the needs of the growing ecological transport market in the country and abroad. The company owner, Tomasz Przygucki, has over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry. As one of the representatives of leading car brands in the Lodz region, he got to know the automotive industry from the inside out. Considering environmental protection, in 2015 he decided to found the TrybEco company. As the name of the company indicates, the owner proposes to abandon the traditional means of communication in the form of a car in favor of ecological bicycles, and thus "switch" to eco mode - "Try Be Eco". TrybEco has been since 2015. In its activities, it implements a quality management system and adheres to the principles of corporate social responsibility. In 2016, the company was awarded in the Eco Desing competition organized by the Ministry of the Environment of Poland, for the TrybEco Terra hybrid ebike. In the TrybEco brand portfolio you can find the following products: electric scooters, electric bicycles, electric kick scooters.

TrybEco philosophy does not end with electric scooters and bicycles.


We don't like dirty engine or excessive noise. We value harmonious contact with nature and a feeling of wind in your hair.


Appearance matters and is part of our human individuality. We express ourselves and like to surround ourselves with aesthetic objects.


If we can save on something or reduce energy and financial expenses, we do it. If only to be able to use these surpluses to realize our passions.


We have created TrybEco from our passions and experience. We believe in responsibility for the place we live in.