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Operating costs

The actual cost of travelling 100 km on an electric scooter is around 2 zł (sic!) – 0,5 EUR. For comparison: using a scooter with a 49 ccm capacity internal combustion engine, You can ride for 100 km paying around 16 zł.  (less than 4 EUR).

A bicycle is ever cheaper – everything depends on how much You use the support.

Chech our our comparison of travel cost of e-scooter, gasoline scooter and a car..

The range of an electric scooter

The range of an electric scooter is 70-150 km.

Clients often ask: isn’t it too little?

Let’s do a simple calculation, using as an example the biggest city in Poland, Warsaw.

We assume (exaggerating a little) that You live in Bielany, and work in Ursynow – this is an approximate 20 km one-side trip, so driving to and from work is around 40 km. You are left with over 20 km for “deviating” from your work-home path – for shopping, social meetings, the movies or a stop in a coffee shop during the day. And it’s sufficient for all of them!

You simply recharge the battery in the evening.

Is charging a burdensome task?

Users often worry about problems with charging electric vehicles.

There is nothing simpler: You just have to plug the battery into an electric socket and that’s all. Ordinary socket, ordinary wire. Simple, isn’t it?

Even when the battery dies during the day, You can charge it using every socket without problems, because there is no need to use any special adapters for it.

The comfort of riding

Electric scooters:

Electric scooters have a lower centre of gravity, thus are less prone to toppling and easier to ride, they are silent and clean. Moreover, many users like the silent work of an electric engine. Riding in quiet is a real pleasure!

Electric bicycles:

Riding is identical as in the case of traditional bicycles. Electric bicycles are indeed a little bit heavier than their traditional counterparts (we obviously add the weight of an engine and a battery), but thanks to the positioning of the baterry and the engine in the hub ( in wheel’s axis), the additional weight is impossible to notice when riding!


Electric energy is the so-called “clean energy”. Scooters, bicycles nad other electric vehicles don’t emmit fumes at all – they don’t pollute the air, and that’s especially important in cities, where You have to compete for the clean air.

Oparation and service

Can I handle the servicing of such scooter? What about repairs?

– these are the frequent questions of our Clients. We calm everyone that riding and operating electric scooters is as simple as in the case of scooters with internal combustion engines. TrybEco’s scooter doesn’t have a starter, an exhaust pipe, pistons, rings, it doesn’t require the change of oil, drive belts, the clutch, variator’s rolls…

When it comes to servicing – when something brakes down, you don’t have to worry anymore – we will help You repair it !


We install only the best batteries in our vehicles – all of our electric bicycles have Li-ion batteries. There is a detailed instruction on proper charging attached to every vehicle – which ensures maximum battery life.


Vehicles sold by us along with batteries have a warranty.

Used batteries

On the basis of the legal act from 24.04.2009 on cells and batteries ( J. o. A. 2009 no. 79 pos. 666), as well as other proper regulations, and most of all taking into account the welfare of the environment, we encourage You to turn used batteries/cells over to us, which will be then given to the right authorities for utilization.

How much does exchanging the battery for a new one cost?
Do I need an additional driving license?

Please, verify the regulations concerning permissions for driving vehicles in Your country.

How much time does it take to charge a battery?

Charging Trybeco electric scooter’s, or bicycle’s battery takes from 4 to 8 hours depending on a model.

A detailed information and instruction will be given to You at the time of equipment’s purchase.

What happens when the battery in an electric bicycle dies?

Nothing – You simply ride on like on a traditional bicycle 😉 The support won’t work, but You can still pedal and…ride.

Is it possible to ride in rain?

Hmm.. if anyone likes riding in rain…then of course! Hybrid bicycles and electric scooters from Trybeco were tested multiple times for riding in rain. They are air-tight and absolutely safe during all weather conditions.

Do you have other questions? Write to us! 🙂

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