Scooter or bicycle?

Evaluate Your needs by Yourself. Do you want to move faster, more conveniently and be able to carry more stuff in Your scooter’s compartment, or maybe You want to burn more calories, wish for a fit-mode and a bicycle generally appeals to you more? See our reasons and perks, and later add Your own. You known best what matters to You.


Electric scooter or hybrid bicycle (electric bicycle)?

We advise-

You choose

Numbers and facts:

  • 0 fumes
  • 0,50 EUR for 100 km
  • + 275% more power in an electric bicycle

skuter-elektryczny-TrybEco-White-Pearl-side TrybEco’s electric scooter is:

  • Silent travelling. There is no running engine, so You make no noise. You are able to perfectly hear what You want.
  • Cleanliness and simplicity. TrybEco’s scooter doesn’t have a starter, an exhaust pipe, pistons, rings, there is no need to change oil, drive belts, the clutch, variator’s rolls…This means Your hands are always clean and Your head is always free of caring about repairs.
  • Faultlessness. This scooter doesn’t brake down. There’s simply nothing to brake down.
  • Saving money. An electric scooter has low operating costs. You need approximately 0,5 EUR for every 100km. One full charge is sufficient for 100 km*.
  • Smartphone integration. A special application allows for managing TrybEco’s scooter by using a smartphone. And it is possible to listen to music through speakers directly from a phone or an iPod.
  • Lightness of construction. An electric scooter is ap. 50% lighter than a traditional scooter. It is easier to ride and park.
  • Respect for the environment. The scooter doesn’t emit fumes, carbon dioxide, or noise.
  • Design. Appearance matters. TrybEco’s scooters are created by selected specialists. Smart City development. You co-develop a modern city, healthier, quieter and without traffic jams.

CHOOSE  * Based on the testes conducted by XXX team at Łódź University in 2015..

Rower elektryczny TrybEco Hybrid bicycles (electric bicycles):

  • More possibilities. You will ride further and faster using the same energy and strength.
  • Freedom of choice. You use your own muscles if you want. You switch to electric support when needed.
  • Comfort. E-bike is easier and more convenient to ride than a traditional bike.
  • Support. You may not use the electric support, but the consciousness of having it makes you feel safe, especially on long distance.
  • Weight.  Electric bike Heavy Duty is an ideal solution for special tasks: for heavy conditions, jumps, intensive exploatation and for heavy loads to transport.



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Do You know that…

TrybEco rowery elektryczne

  • We bought as many as 1 500 000 electric bicycles in Europe in 2014?
  • We turn all of the used batteries from our scooters and bicycles over to specialized posts for recycling?
  • After two years we can buy an electric bicycle or scooter back from you?
  • 170 pizza delivery drivers in Berlin ride electric scooters?
  • In Australia, there was held a first race of vehicles charged using solar power?

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