Live lightly, purely, and creatively.
Transfer to an ubran electric scooter or a bicycle with electric support.
Feel the freedom of travel, choose your styl and discover new technologies.
Do this for yourself. And additionally, you’ll do something for your city and our planet without any effort .



We wish to live in a different way: cleaner, simpler and calmer. .

We don’t like dirty engines or excessive noise. Instead, we value a harmonious touch with Nature and the feeling of wind in our hair.

We value savings. .

If it’s possible to save money on something, or lower power and financial expenses, then we do it. At least to be able to use the surpluses to make our passions come true.

TrybEco's philosophy isn't just electic bicycles and scooters. It is our way of thinking and living.



We created TrybEco out of our passion and experience.

We believe in being responsible for the place, where we live.

Design is important.

Appearance matters and is a part of our human individuality. We express ourselves this way, and like to surround ourselves with aesthetic objects.

We don’t accept compromises in terms of quality.

Technology offers possibilities of creating a better quality everyday, and we are enthusiasts of new technologies. Economic and ecologic doesn’t mean mediocre to us. To mediocrity we say an explicit “no”.

In TrybEco we ensure:

  • The best price to quality ratio.
  • Modern design and aesthetic solutions.
  • A possibility of personalizing bicycle’s equipment according to Your own needs.
  • The best parameters.
  • Certified equipment.
  • Only Li-ion batteries in e-bikes.
  • Constant monitoring and quality control of our products.
  • Service posts all over Poland.
  • Selected possibilities of crediting, leasing and insurance.
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